Seafood for thought

The deadline for the PrimeFish competition “Promoting Seafood Consumption” has closed with the participation of 7 videos that show very different approaches to seafood. From highlighting the role of women to the organoleptic characteristics of the products, we invite you to browse the cultural, societal and economic values of the sector.

The deadline of the Primefish Video Competition has been extended

Interested participants can now send their creations until the 17th February 2017 at 08:59:59 AM CET. The short film competition aims to promote the seafood consumption and its cultural, societal and economic relevance. Everybody over 18 years old can participate with 1 minute lenght videos. Participants can obtain a prize of 1,500 euros and the opportunity to film a video in a H2020 research meeting.

Take into account

Take part in a short film competition on seafood consumption!

The H2020 project PrimeFish launches a short film competition to promote the seafood consumption and all of its cultural, societal and economic relevance. Everybody over 18 years old is encouraged to participate with a 1 minute length video. Participants will be competing for a prize of 1,500 euros and the opportunity to film a video in an H2020 research meeting!

How to participate

PrimeFish will participate in the 2nd Brokerage Event in Conxemar

From 4th to 6th October the PrimeFish team will be available for presenting the project to the companies participating in the Spanish frozen foods fair Conxemar though its 2nd Brokerage Event. If you are interested in knowing more about this H2020 project in an individual presentation, you can book your meeting on the brokerage website after having registered your company. Check out our profile to find out what are our free time slots.