The University of Parma team introduces PrimeFish to the younger publics with the activity "Who sleeps does not catch fishes"

The PrimeFish project has been presented by the team of the University Parma, professors Cristina Mora and Davide Menozzi, Dr. Giovanni Sogari and the Italian aquaculture company Fattoria del Pesce Srl., during the European Researchers' Night on the 30th September in Parma. The event is promoted by the European Commission, with the aim of communicating scientific projects and which involves researchers from over 300 cities throughout Europe.

Among the activities organized in the University of Parma, the PrimeFish team animated games and experiments to explain the importance of a sustainable fish sector to students of all ages, children and their families. The programme included a choice experiment on different fish product profiles (origin, sustainable certification, etc.) to make consumers aware of the importance that different attributes play on the decision of choosing food and the willingness to pay for certain characteristics.

Another activity presented the supply chain of the seafood sector and the key stakeholders involved in it (fishermen, restaurants, sellers) to a middle school class.

The event was carried out with the collaboration of the Italian aquaculture company Fattoria del Pesce Srl with decades of experience in the aquaculture industry, which, during the event, distributed brochures and fact sheets with information on the trout sector and provided free samples of fish products to participants.  


PrimeFish Param team presents the project in the Eurpean Researchers night.





Local students learnt the importance of consuming sustainable seafood.



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