PrimeDSS - Decision Support System

PrimeFish DSS is a webtool for fishermen, aquaculture producers, processing companies, market analysts, public authorities and other stakeholders. It is an innovative market-orientated prediction toolbox to strengthen the economic sustainability and competitiveness of European seafood on local and global markets.

It has been developed with method descriptions, assumptions and guidelines. The statistical simulation and prediction models compiled in WP5 are implemented into usable tools for ‘what-if’ analysis in general. The  Decision Support Systems (PrimeDSS) were developed as software tools to be used by fishermen, producers and other stakeholders to understand and predict seafood market behaviour. The PrimeDSS was validated in WP7 and iterated a number of times to ensure (a) its focus and (b) the added value it generates. Specific performance indicators for the added value of the toolbox were defined and monitored throughout the project. Main outcomes are:

- an interactive tool, the PrimeDSS, that requires the user to get subscribed in order to be able to add inputs, analyse trends and download market trends at

- a DSF wik, containing descriptions and summaries of the market tools at

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