Developing Innovative Market Orientated Prediction Toolbox to Strengthen the Economic Sustainability and Competitiveness of European Seafood on Local and Global Markets

What is PrimeFish?

European seafood producers are facing increased competition from overseas; prices of seafood products fluctuate and destabilize markets; unsuitable regulations influence the competitiveness of seafood producers; some producers are unable to meet the demands and expectations of consumers and many new fish products fail on markets. These challenges are addressed in PrimeFish, a four-year European funded research project by the H2020 Programme.

The overall objective of PrimeFish is to enhance the economic sustainability and competitiveness of European fisheries and aquaculture sectors. The project will study and analyse the European seafood market in general and five specific seafood supply-chains in particular; cod, herring, trout, seabass, seabream, salmon and pangasius. These are the specific objectives (SOs) of the project:

  • SO1: To select, configure and extend the methodology for the assessment of the competitiveness of aquaculture and fisheries.
  • SO2: To carry out analysis of the current production and market dynamics for the herring, cod, salmon, freshwater trout, seabass/seabream and pangasius sectors with respect to critical success factors and bottlenecks.
  • SO3: To do a supply chain evaluation on herring, cod, salmon, freshwater trout and seabass/seabream from catch/hatching to final market, including the effect of non-market values and regulations.
  • SO4: To evaluate current and future trends and consumer behaviour in local, European and international seafood markets.
  • SO5: To develop simulation / forecasting models for analysing changes in competitiveness, prediction of instability of demand and supply including that of warning signs for “boom and bust” cycles and for indication of potential for product innovation success.
  • SO6: To develop the PrimeDSS based on these models, and to deliver the rest of the PrimeDSF.
  • SO7: To provide training, dissemination and stakeholder interaction; to ensure IPR and commercial exploitation beyond the project lifetime.

Who will benefit from PrimeFish?

The lead users, typically fishing associations, aquaculture and seafood producers, will be able to use the project’s outcome to improve their understanding on the functioning of markets and in setting strategic plans for future production and innovation. We organise frequent events and presentations. Keep track of our activities on the "News and events" section, our newsletter or browse contents summarising main activities and outcomes. PrimeFish is developing the prototype of a software tool to facilitate the access of users to PrimeFish outcomes.

The Industry Reference Group and the Case Studies

PrimeFish will have significant input from industry and industry organisations that form an “Industry Reference Group” (IRG) to the consortium which will facilitate access to data both on micro and macro level in the five sectors chosen. The IRG will provide insight into production, profitability and supply chain relationships on micro level and they will also provide requirements for - and act as pilot users of - the prediction and simulation tools developed in PrimeFish. The overarching goal is to identify shortcomings of the seafood market, discuss ideas on how to improve the competitiveness and the economic performance. If you want to be a member, please contact us at

Captured fish, focus on herring catch, production and market
  • Catch and processing industry: Denmark, Iceland, Germany
  • Industry organizations: Norway, Iceland, Denmark
  • Market information and consumer preference: Germany
Captured fish, focus on cod catch, production and market
  • Catch and processing industry: Iceland, Germany, Norway
  • Industry organizations: Iceland and Norway
  • Market information and consumer preference: Germany, Iceland
  • Comparative analysis outside Europe: Canada and Vietnam
Farmed fish, focus on salmon production and market
  • Production and processing industry: Faroe Islands, Norway, Germany
  • Industry organizations: UK
  • Market information and consumer preference: Germany
Farmed freshwater fish, focus on trout production and market
  • Industry organizations: Spain, Germany
  • Market information and consumer preference: Germany
Farmed fish, focus on seabass/seabream production and market
  • Industry organizations: Spain, Greece, German
  • Market information and consumer preference: Germany

The lead users and target group for the project outcome are thus closely connected with the scientists and will be in a good position to give feedback, add value, validate results and to directly benefit from the expected project outcomes.