Our partner Petter Olsen presented PrimeFish in the FAO Fish Adapt conference

Fao Fish Adapt Conference.





From 8th to 10th August, Bangkok (Thailand) hosted the FAO conference FishAdapt, focused on the adaptation of aquaculture and fisheries to the climate change scenario. PrimeFish participated in this event with a presentation by Petter Olsen, leader of the work in data management in the project and senior scientist in the Norwegian research center Nofima.

Being a project about the economic performance of the aquaculture and fisheries sector, PrimeFish complements and completes other research endeavors as ClimeFish, to improve adaptation of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors to climate change, MareFrame, with the goal of achieving an ecosystem-based fisheries management, and WhiteFish, intended to improve the competitiveness of the haddock and cod industry.

The complementarity of these projects was introduced by Olsen in the presentation “Decision support for seafood production under climate change”. An audience of 100 scientists, development professionals and natural resource managers and other related professions attended the session, held on 9th August. The presentation joined the PrimeFish scientist with the ClimeFish coordinator, Michaela Aschan, from the University of Tromsø, and Ian Cowx, Myron Peck and Mike Elliot from the project CERES- Climate Change and European Aquatic Resources.

Seafood traceability report

Petter Olsen has also recently signed a report for FAO on the subject of seafood traceability and the inconsistencies in standards and norms. The document highlights the differences among geographies, jurisdictions and markets, identifying gaps in terms of awareness, commitment, implementation, technology and standards and offering different recommendations to address them. Olsen had already presented his work on food fraud in a symposium in food analysis held in Prague in 2015.



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