The World Marketing Congress hosts a session on the PrimeFish tools

On the 28th of June the World Marketing Congress hosts a session on the PrimeFish project:

9.00 - 10.30 Session 5.4: The PrimeFish project: Developing a Market- Oriented Prediction Toolbox for Seafood

9.00. PrimeFish: Strengthening the Competitiveness of the Seafood Sector

Gudmundur Stefánsson

9.20. A toolbox for supporting the marketing of seafood products

José L. Santiago                 

9.25. The PrimeFish project for developing a market oriented prediction toolbox: the Willingness to Pay (WTP) tool

Davide Menozzi      

9.40. Success analysis model: matching consumers segments and new seafood products

Birgit Hagen                                           

9.55. Predicting the impact of negative information on consumers' attitudes and intentions

Olga Untilov    

10.10. Drivers and sustainability effects of fish consumption

Sterenn Lucas

Furthermore, other specific sessions convey research work developed in the project:

- French Households and Fish Consumption: What Characterizes Households that Should be Targeted to Increase Fish Consumption?

Audur Hermannsdottir, Arnar Már Búason and Sveinn Agnarsson

- Motives and Barriers for Seafood Consumption: Consumer Perception in Five European Countries

Gudmundur Stefánsson, Kolbrunn Sveinsdottir

- Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Fish Products with Health Claim and Environmental Labels

Davide Menozzi, Thong Tien Nguyen, Giovanni Sogari, Cristina Mora, Emilia C. Dudinskaya

Check the full programme on the congress website:

The World Marketing Congress hosts a session on PrimeFish tools.



















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