PrimeFish named “Outstanding Project” by OESA

Spanish Aquaculture Observatory (OESA) has chosen PrimeFish as an “Outstanding Project” working in the aquaculture sector. PrimeFish focuses in the analysis of competitiveness in the production of trout, seabass, seabream, salmon and panga; and their processed products. The main outcome of the project, the web-based tool PrimeDSS, will support the decision-making of the companies by providing them with tips about price development, factors of success in innovative products, or evolution of the demand.

OESA was born as a project of the Biodiversity Foundation of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Its main goal is to work as a platform to monitor and analyse the development of the aquaculture in Spain, focusing in its sustainability, strengthening its public image, supporting the development of research projects, technological projects and, specially, environmental innovation. 

PrimeFish Prime Decission Support Tool (PrimeDSS).


PrimeFish named “Outstanding Project” by OESA

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