Kontali Analyse AS

Kontali Analyse AS is a private, independent research company specializing in sector analysis within the global aquaculture and fisheries industry. Kontali Analyse was founded in 1993, and has since then developed to become one of the world’s leading providers of statistics and analysis for the seafood sector. The core area of expertise has always been within the salmon segment, but for the past 10 years, several new areas have been incorporated in the coverage of Kontali Analyse. Regular surveillance of the pelagic sector, including the fishmeal/-oil sector is in place. And lately the focus has been expanded into the whitefish fisheries (groundfish) sector, including also a strengthening of the data- and analysis capacity on seabass/seabream, and other whitefish species in aquaculture, i.e. the larger commercial clusters in Asia and Latin America.

The work of Kontali Analyse is founded on professional expertise and comprehensive information storage and retrieval systems, which form the basis for their databases. The management of this data involves regular contact with more than 150 sources, in more than 40 countries. The harmonization of product codes and categories, and the application of weight conversion factors for processed products is an important task in updating and amending databases for an easy extraction of information. In addition, strong ties to key industry leaders and important seafood companies have been established, both through the wide range of subscriptions and the associated consultations between Kontali Analyse employees and the readers on covered topics. Through numerous projects, speeches, and workshops, where Kontali Analyse has been engaged to provide information and analysis beyond the scope of ordinary reports, sector expertise is gained and maintained.

Kontali has and are, taking part in several projects of relevance for the current project such as European Market Observatory for fisheries and aquaculture products” (EUMOFA), Global Study – Pelagic Fish availability, (Pelagic Fish Forum), An Industry Handbook – Groundfish (Aker Seafoods; the largest Norwegian whitefish company), The potential for enhanced value creation in the Norwegian salmon industry (Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs) and An investigation of the cost structure and international competitiveness of the salmon growing industry in Scotland (Scottish Executive, KPMG).

In addition to the competence carried into the partnership a major contribution from Kontali and benefit to the project is the systematically collected panel/sector data regarding production/catch, market (price and volume) and productivity (cost structure data) since long for salmon and large trout (1992). For the other main species followed (cod, herring and bass and bream) similar information has been collected since early/mid 2000. In addition, Kontali has established advanced market and production models for the global salmon sector as well as production models for the Mediterranean sea bass and sea bream sector.