University of Pavia

The University of Pavia (Italy), which has a centuries-old tradition of study, is considered both in Italy and abroad to be a university of excellence. The quality of education is guaranteed by ample equipment and services which are constantly being improved (didactic laboratories, computerised libraries etc.) and by the opportunities offered for the students’ cultural development. Fortunately, the University of Pavia does not suffer the overcrowding which penalizes other universities and thus can guarantee an excellent teacher-student ratio yielding very positive results on completion of the students’ professional training and placement outcomes. The University of Pavia enjoys a strong tradition of international student and teacher exchanges: together with the Universities of Bologna and Siena, it was the first to implement the ERASMUS programme for international students. As of today a multitude of agreements regard, among others, the historic universities of Coimbra, many European universities which participate in the Socrates-Erasmus project, some top American and Chinese universities and many others.

Using its numerous academic contacts that have been established over the years, UNIPV has been able to create a network of international collaborations which has led to prestigious recognition within international and national academia in both, teaching and research. According to recent Italian Rankings the University of Pavia is ranked 2nd among large public Universities. Research activities have recently gone through a National Research Assessment Exercise (called VQR and managed by an independent body, ANVUR): overall, the University of Pavia is one of the Top Ten Italian universities. The Department of Economics and Management ranked 3rd in research activities according to CENSIS. Likewise, their bachelor program is in the top five among the large Italian Universities. The Department also offers a doctoral program in Economics, Management and Technology (DREAMT) and two Master programs (International Business and Economics, Economics and International Finance) fully taught in English.