University of Aalborg

Aalborg University offers education and research within the fields of natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, technical and health sciences. Aalborg University currently consolidates and further develops its profile as a dynamic and innovative research and educational institution oriented towards the surrounding world. It is characterised by combining a keen engagement in local, regional, and national issues with an active commitment to international collaboration.

IFM, Innovative Fisheries Management is a research centre within the Department of Planning at Aalborg University. IFM is a social science research and advisory centre working with fisheries and marine management and coastal community development. IFM is specialised in cross disciplinary collaboration and is frequently teaming up with institutions/colleagues from other disciplines in order to develop suitable solutions to the problems in question. The basis for IFM’s work is the reciprocal relationship where advisory needs both guide and are informed by research and capacity building activities. IFM’s current research interests focus on fisheries co-management, the social aspects of the knowledge base for marine management, social impact assessments, and the regional perspective on coastal community development. IFM has participated in numerous national, Nordic and EU funded projects as coordinators and WP coordinators. IFM has the last years participated in EU WP 7 projects as VECTORS, GAP 1 and GAP 2, JAKFISH, Socio-EC, MEFEPO and MareFrame.