CETMAR is an inter-institutional coordination centre with an interdisciplinary integration of all marine research and technology resources, and was created to channel and reinforced the connection between RTD agents and sea-produce industries The role of CETMAR covers education and training, scientific research and technological development and innovation. CETMAR is integrated by 7 broad subject-based divisions: Marine environment/resources control & management, Fisheries Technology, Seafood Technology, Fisheries socio-economics, Technology promotion & transfer, Training and International Cooperation. The staff is skilled in participating in EU programmes such as Research Framework Programmes, INTERREG (A,B and C), ESF, EFF, etc. Over the last 5 years CETMAR has successfully coordinated and participated in the following projects; EcoFishMan (FP7), MAREFRAME (FP7), STAGES (FP7), OYSTERECOVER (FP7), PARASITES (FP7) and CRUSTASEA (FP6), as well as the tender MARE/2012/07 Framework contract for support to the implementation of the Integrated Maritime Policy of the EU, the tender MARE/2012/10. Knowledge base for growth and innovation in ocean economy: assembly and dissemination of marine data for seabed mapping. LOT NO: 7 – HUMAN ACTIVITIES, PRESPO (Atlantic Area – Priority 2), GEPETO (Atlantic Area – Priority 1), ACRUNET (Atlantic Area – Priority 1).

PRIMEFISH project will be developed by Socioeconomic Department which will be in charge of dissemination and creating shared value through stakeholders’ interaction.