This deliverable is a public report detailing the activities implemented in PrimeFish to raise awareness on the project through communication, dissemination, and the participation of stakeholders. Activities have been categorised according to the main target group for each action: possible end-users, policy oriented and science-oriented events.

Stakeholders workshops organised by PrimeFish partners are discussed in the report, as well as the presentations organised in conjunction with trade fairs. A section on the commercialisation of the tools contextualise the process leading up to the current TRL level of the PrimeDSS thanks to the involvement of the partners of the project. The design of tailored promotion and implementation strategies has allowed the project to involve a diversified public through a mix of on-line and off-line actions. Furthermore, the project has benefitted by the organisation of project presentation in key sectoral events, which has helped it to gain momentum towards the celebration of its final conference that was held in Vigo on the 30th of January 2019.


  Deliverable 7.8. Creating Shared Value for the European Seafood Market