This report sets out to describe the key performance indicators (KPIs) for added value that have been implemented to monitor and evaluate the toolbox. The deliverable is a public and open communication.

The PrimeDSS was developed as a prototype decision support system (DSS) arising from a large-scale inter-disciplinary publiclyfunded research project assessing the competitiveness of European aquaculture and fishery sectors. It has been designed as an interactive, user friendly web-based tool which will enable industry stakeholders and policy makers to run intra and inter-sectoral comparisons on a range of parameters with potential to influence competitiveness. Stakeholder feedback during dissemination activities throughout the project lifecycle supported iterative development of five embedded tools and sub-modules, with the objective of developing a prototype that could commercially exploited post-project.

By evaluating key performance indexes, building on aco-creation process and information from case studieson the impact assessment on socio-economic and innovation, this deliverable identifies the competitive advantage that will be derived from the PrimeDSS tools.

  Deliverable D6.4. Evaluation of added value